• Forging definition and concept

    1. Definition of cold forging Cold forging, also known as cold volume forging, is a manufacturing process as well as a processing method. Basically the same as stamping process, cold forging process is composed of materials, molds and equipment. But the material in stamping processing is mainly p...
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  • What are the grades of steel structure bolts

    Steel structure bolt in use will be different according to the strength of the different use of the place is also different, so how to judge the strength grade? Steel structure bolts strength grade: The strength grade of steel structure bolt for steel structure connection is 3.6, 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 6...
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  • Eight surface treatments for fastener screws

    For screw fasteners production, surface treatment is a process with the inevitable, many vendors in inquiring about the screw fasteners, way of surface treatment, the standard network according to the summarized information about the surface of the screw fasteners common processing ways there are...
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